INCOX - Zoho Inventory Integration

Zoho Inventory is a Inventory Management Software from Zoho Corporation. It helps to Increase your sales and keep track of every unit with powerful stock management, order fulfillment, and inventory control software. Using INCOX Platform, a user can execute pre-configured actions  after authorizing the application at the click of a button for 'incoxBot' in Slack, Zoho Cliq or Skype Messenger.

How is this Integration Helpful:

By executing an action in Zoho Inventory, the incoxBot provides suggestions for related actions in the same App for a meaningful related action. Since the applications are connected in the back-end, users can seamlessly run integration tasks  without any hassles. Refer the below diagram for the pre-configured integration tasks

All Use-Cases (pre-configured actions) configured for Zoho Inventory in INCOX Platform

    • Create Sales Order
    • List Recent 10 Sales Order
    • Mark Sales Order as Confirmed
    • Create Package
    • List Recent 10 Packages Created
    • List Package by Name
    • Create Shipment
    • Mark Shipment as Delivered
    • List Recent 10 items updated
    • List items by Name