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​Overview of the Solution

If you are already using Zoho Apps for your travel business, you are well poised to leverage the power of 'incoxBot' and 'Zoho Cliq' Chat Platform. The 'incoxBot' helps you handle the travel related business tasks at ease and at click of buttons. 'incoxBot' on Zoho Cliq provides you a single interface through which you can access all of your Zoho Apps without switching screens or context. You can collaborate with your internal teams through Cliq Channels thus helping you to achieve a unified work space to productively carry out your business tasks in a agile manner. The below diagram depicts the travel related tasks that can be streamlined using 'incoxBot'.

Zoho Apps for Travel Management Process

Salient features of the Solution

  • Acquisition of New Customers from Lead to Deal Closure
  • Create/Update and View Customer Details
  • Provision quote and generate invoice upon Customer Acceptance
  • Record Payments in Zoho Books for Accounting Purposes
  • Add leads to Campaigns created in Zoho Campaigns 
  • View/Update Campaign lists and Send Campaigns
  • Handle Customer Complaints systematically using Zoho Desk Actions

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