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Using INCOX ​Platform

​INCOX Integration ​Platform is accessible through 'incoxBot' enabled on Slack or Skype Messenger Platforms. After going through successful on-boarding process, 'incoxBot' will be enabled on your chosen messenger platform. Verify if you are able to see the 'incoxBot' as per below screen-shot for your chosen messenger (Note: On-boarding process is the steps you will be shown once you submit your email in 'Home' Page)

For Zoho Cliq Messenger:

After the installation of 'incoxBot' extension by the Cliq Org Admin, you can highlight the 'incoxBot' found under Bots and type 'Hello', 'Hi' to kick-start the interaction. You will notice the supported applications list to authorize e.g. "Configure Zoho Books".  Click to authorize the apps of your choice for 'incoxBot' and start executing your actions like a breeze.

For Additional Cliq Users of Organization:
Additional users can subscribe to the 'incoxBot' like in the below screen-shots. First click the plug icon on top right corner of the Cliq Window

Click 'Subscribe' under 'incoxBot' that shows up under "Bots' --> 'All Bots' section of the Cliq Extensions Window. Refer screen-shot below.

On your Cliq Window, you will notice 'incoxBot' under 'Conversations' or 'Bots'.  Highlight either one of the 'incoxBot' and type 'Hello', 'Hi' to kick-start the interaction. You will be prompted to 'Authorize Cliq' to start your conversations.

For Slack Messenger:

On your slack channel,  'incoxBot' will appear under the Apps section. This confirms the successful on-boarding for the INCOX platform.
To kick-start interaction. You can highlight the 'incoxBot' and type 'Hello', 'Hi' to kick-start the interaction. You will notice the supported applications list to authorize e.g. "Configure Zoho Books".  Click to authorize the apps of your choice for 'incoxBot' and start executing your actions like a breeze.

For Skype Messenger:

On your Skype Channel, 'incoxBot' will appear as a contact like your other contacts. Presence of 'incoxBot' confirms successful on-boarding for the INCOX platform.

You can highlight the 'incoxBot' found on your Skype Contacts and type 'Hello', 'Hi' to kick-start the interaction. You will notice the supported applications list to authorize e.g. "Configure Zoho Books".  Click to authorize the apps of your choice for 'incoxBot' and start executing your actions like a breeze.

Help Contents

Slack On-boarding Video
Skype On-boarding Video
Cliq On-boarding Video
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide an Overview of INCOX Platform?

INCOX’ is a Cloud Hosted Plug-n-Play integration platformfor easy integration of your multiple SaaS (software as service)  business applications. E.g. packages like ZOHO CRM, Quickbooks, Trello, Freshbooks etc.,. A business can simply plug their SaaS application to the platform and execute (play) use-cases to accomplish their integration needs subject to the application is published as part of the platform application catalogue. Another unique feature of the platform is the ability to fetch key information & perform key actions on individual SaaS applications.

The platform is accessible through a BOT (called ‘incoxBot) enabled on Slack, Skype and Zoho Cliq messengers. The BOT makes it easy for the user to execute their integration tasks through a guided natural language interaction (Buttons & Forms). Hence one need not possess any development knowledge. Also since all the configurations needed for application interaction are pre-configured, one can readily use the INCOX service after authorizing their SaaS applications for the platform in minutes.

How can I request for a demo of INCOX?

You can request for a demo of INCOX by submitting the details through a form available in 'Request Demo' page. Once we receive the details, we will organize a demo as per your preferred date & time.

Why INCOX? What are its advantages?

INCOX is a 'Ready to Use', 'Easy to Use' and 'Self-service' platform.  It can be used by any business user without needing any technical/development knowledge. The below table describes the key differences between 'INCOX Platform' and other iPass platform present in the market.

INCOX Integration PlatformOther Integration Platforms
 Supports Plug n Play Integration. A user needs to just click and authorize the Saas application for the platform.Lite to medium touch Integration. Users are expected to do some configurations to leverage the platform for Integration.
No need of developer intervention. A business owner/user who handles computers can use the platform without any training. Trigger-Action set-up need the involvement of developers or IT Savvy users to configure integrations.
Single Interface for Multiple Apps. You can handle multiple apps from a single Messenger Application like Skype/Slack using BOT interaction A user has to install individual applications (i.e multiple interfaces)  to handle any integration task
Using INCOX platform BOTuser can interact with the application to fetch information or perform actionsNo such facility exist. Integration is more handled as a back end activity. Users cannot fetch/perform actions other than the integration tasks
What are charges for using INCOX service?
When you subscribe to INCOX Service, you will be entitled for a 15 day trial by default (without any commitment or credit card requirement). To continue using INCOX, please write to contact@incox.net for an affordable monthly/annual subscription pricing.
What is the challenge addressed by INCOX platform?

‘INCOX’ platform helps to ease the process of integrating two or more Online applications (also called as SaaS applications) by providing a pre-configured self-service platform. Businesses which use online applications (for CRM, Accounting, HR, Project Management etc.,) that are supported by the INCOX platform have to just authorize their applications thus enabling the applications for interaction between each other. 

What is INCOX platform and who are the intended users?

‘INCOX’ is a technology platform that helps to connect two or more SaaS Applications in a plug n play model by any non-technical business user. Businesses of any size using one or more SaaS Applications are the intended users.

How do I determine that i need the services of INCOX platform?

If your are using SaaS applications for your business and you identify a need to exchange information between them, you may be in need of the services of INCOX platform. E.g. sharing customer information from CRM to accounting application is one example.

Why should I use INCOX platform?

If your business requires SaaS applications to exchange information, you need them to be integrated. Integrating two business applications need development effort. ‘INCOX’ platform makes this integration process simpler by providing pre-configured connectors and interfaces necessary for the applications to interact. If you are looking for plug n play type service for your SaaS application integration in a cost effective manner, INCOX is the solution for you.

How INCOX is unique compared to other service providers?
INCOX provides a plug n play  service for SaaS application integration whereas other integration platform (1) needs the intervention of a developer to do some initial configuration (2) you can interact with your applications to receive some key insights which is possible only with INCOX (3) You can use a single messenger interface (either Slack ,Skype or Zoho Cliq) for accessing all of your online applications without needing to install any additional apps. 
How can I start using your service?
To successfully on-board to the INCOX platform, you must register your interest by submitting your e-mail ID. You will then be re-directed to the On-boarding instructions page for Slack, Skype and Zoho Cliq. Follow the instructions and finally refer "Using INCOX Service" above in this page to validate the 'incoxBOT' addition to your Slack/Skype/Cliq Channel & Kick-start the interaction. You can also follow the On-boarding videos accessible through the link below. (Note: It is required that an Org Admin install the BOTs / required extension for the first time)

Link to the video of On-boarding process for Slack: https://youtu.be/RDPH7cR2jIE
Link to the video of On-boarding process for Skype: https://youtu.be/6wRDGVIMsRk
Link to the video of On-boarding process for Zoho Cliq: https://youtu.be/6tGqAd_qFN8
What languages INCOX support?

INCOX is currently available only in English. Support for other international languages will be in future.

Who should authorize apps in INCOX?

It is required that an App owner authorize the SaaS App for 'incoxBot' during the first time. Later, if there are any changes to the e-mail ID with which the app was authorized originally, you just have to re-authorize the app with incoxBot. As you can experience, authorization process is just a click of a button "Configure App Name"

How stable, reliable and secure is your service?
The ‘INCOX’ service runs on a third-party world renowned Cloud Service Provider Platform. Hence the service is highly stable, available and secure.
How safe is my data?

INCOX platform doesn't store any details within its service. The INCOX service acts as a fulfillment engine by facilitating transactions between your Online apps. Also our service doesn't request you for any user id/password. Hence all the data resides within your Online Application Service and that it is completely safe. Your data is in your hands!

Can I use INCOX to connect any SaaS applications?
At present, the platform supports a limited no. of applications. You can subscribe to our trial and check if your applications are part of the catalogue (refer integrations page on our website). Otherwise, send an email to contact@incox.net with the applications your are looking for. We will reply regarding the supportability of the applications.
What if i need additional use-cases to be included?
Any new use-cases needs a review by our engineering team. You can e-mail us at contact@incox.net with the additional use-case you need and the pertinent SaaS application. Depending the complexity, we will review & include as part of the concerned application in a minimum lead time possible. As an alternate option, you can also request for a demo by submitting the details in the 'Request Demo' page. We can discuss the details as part of the demo and facilitate your request appropriately.
Can we set different permissions for users?

This is not available currently.

How easy is to discontinue from Service? What happens to my data?
Anytime after you have signed-up for INCOX, you can send us an email to contact@incox.net and we will help you to discontinue from service. We don’t store any application information as part of our platform. Hence there is no concern on this part.
Is your service available all-time?
Our service is hosted on a reputed world-renowned service provider cloud. Hence our commitment for availability is subject to the SLA the service provider offers. At present, the SLA of the service provider is 99.5%.
I have some issues. How to contact support?
If you encounter any issues or need more information, please send an email to contact@incox.net. We will provide you a speedy resolution/quick-turnaround.