INCOX - QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks is an Accounting Software from Intuit Corporation. It helps to streamline a organization book keeping process. Using INCOX Platform, a user can execute pre-configured actions after authorizing the application at the click of a button for 'incoxBot' in Slack, Zoho Cliq or Skype Messenger.

How is this Integration Helpful:

By executing an action in Quickbooks, the incoxBot provides suggestions for related actions either in the same App or to a different app for a meaningful related action. Since the applications are connected in the back-end, users can seamlessly run integration tasks between applications without any hassles. Refer the below diagram for the pre-configured integration tasks

Quckbooks Zoho Integration

All Use-Cases (pre-configured actions) configured for QuickBooks in INCOX Platform

  • View Top 10 Unpaid Invoices  by Recent Dates for a Class
  • View Top 1Unpaid Invoices  by Amount for a Class
  • View Top 10 Unpaid Invoices  by Amount 
  • View 10  Recent Unpaid Invoices  by Dates
  • View Top 10 Unpaid Invoices  by a Single Customer Name
  • View 10 Recent Unpaid Invoices  by a Single Customer Name
  • View Top 10 Paid invoices  by Amount
  • View Recent 10 Paid invoices  by Dates
  • View Top 10 Paid Invoices  by a Single Customer Name
  • View 10 Recent Paid Invoices by a Single Customer Name
  • Create Invoice
  • View Top 10 Unpaid Vendor Bills  by Order Value & Recent Dates
  • View Top 10 Unpaid Vendor details  by a Single Vendor Name
  • View Top 10 Paid Vendor details  by Order Value and by Recent Dates
  • View Top 10 Paid Vendor details  by Single Vendor Name
  • View Top 10 Expenses  by Recent Dates
  • Create Expense
  • View Top 10 Expenses  by Amount & Recent Dates
  • View 10 Recent Expenses  by Type & Employee
  • View P&L Report  by Duration
  • View P&L Report  by Year-to-date
  • Create Bills